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Children's Books

Collaborations with Sean Watermeyer

Here are some lively books in collaboration with writer Sean Watermeyer. All of which are available to buy on Amazon.  

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This family Christmas Tale is perfect for raising awareness for themes of homelessness for the younger audience. Bernie the Christmas Spirit is out to spread love and Christmas joy but struggles along the way. All royalties for this book will be donated to Centrepoint Homelesness Charity. 

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The first collaboration with Sean Watermeyer. Based around a family of picker's this book is witty, truly disgraceful and a great laugh!

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The second book following up 'The Best Bogey Book Ever!' by Sean Watermeyer. Baby Beth, Toddler Tim, and Brian Welcher, as well as the rest of the Belcher's, really do give the best impression!

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A collaborative book project with Author Sean Watermeyer. A story of true friendship when Fred and Bo save the day! Find this book on the Waterstone's website here!

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Epic adventures of William the Welsh Woodlouse, written by Sean Watermeyer, available on Amazon here

Scarlet Red Series

Scarlet Red is a character based on the inner child within us all. A lot of these personal stories reflect themes of mental health, gratitude, grief and relationships. Suitable for all ages to enjoy and reflect upon.

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This is the initial Scarlet Red book. A personal story based on grief and gratitude it reflects the relationship that Scarlet has with this personified flower. The gentle story can communicate with those of all ages.


'That's what friends are for' is a playful book based on friendships and all the elements that we search for in a friend as well as a reminder to feel grateful for whoever our friends are.


'Far, Far Away' is a story based on feelings based on a long-distance whether that be a relationship or feeling far away from home or in isolation. This story can relate to many ages and complex feeling of anxiety.

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Prospective Book Projects

Some book projects including some third year University projects.

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In collaboration with writer Bea Schaffer; 'A Rare Polar Bear' is an imaginative and playful story based on a families interpretation of the last remaining polar bear to exist.

A heart-warming story about a Molly and her mum's encounter with a homeless man after losing her beloved scarf. Based upon the 'I am not lost' homelessness campaign.

A collaborative book project with Bryony McNally for University. The enchanting story about a young boy Lowen's encounter with the Cornish Piskies! Based on the Cornish legends.

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