Key Consumer Contract

Orders, Returns and Cancellations

How Orders are Placed Online:


To place an order online you click on an item you would like to buy, click the add to basket button. Your basket will now open. Go to your online basket, add any coupons you would like to add and click checkout. You can pay securely with either Paypal or Wix Payments. Once your payment has been accepted, you will receive a confirmation email from ArtyNess.


How Orders are Processed:


Once an order is received, ArtyNess will either print off the items in a high-quality fashion or select the products from her previously made stock. All items are printed with a high-quality printer and on glossy or matte thick paper to ensure they are at the highest possible quality.


How the Orders are Shipped:


ArtyNess will then package her orders as securely as possible to protect the items as much as she can during transit. She will use the Royal Mail Postal Service based in the UK to deliver her orders to you and email you once your order is dispatched.


Questions and Contact:


If you have any questions about the information above, please contact ArtyNess via her contact page or at

Returning and Cancelling Orders:


You have up to 30 days after receiving your order to your chosen place of delivery to fill out and submit a Return and Cancellation Form. If you prefer, you can email ArtyNess your cancellation/ return request at the email address: You will then have 14 days to post the returned items. After the 30 day period ArtyNess can no longer accept returns and cancellations.


When packaging the items for return, please use the original packaging to protect the items. If the items are not in the condition they were originally sent in your refund will be reduced accordingly.


Please send the re-packaged items to:

ArtyNess Illustration

1 Kingston Villas, London Road




SN13 8LZ


Returning an order is FREE as ArtyNess will cover the cost of returning the package. This cost will be added onto your refund. Your refund will include the original cost of the items, the original delivery cost (if any) and the delivery cost for returning the items. It will be sent to the original bank account used to pay for the order within 14 days of ArtyNess receiving the package.


Below are the average postage costs for letters (A5), large letters (A4) and small parcels (tubes or boxes) for the different international world zones. The delivery cost specific to your packages size and weight, unless otherwise agreed with ArtyNess via email, will be automatically added to your refund for the returned items. The figures below are taken from the Royal Mail Postal Service based in the UK. If you use a different postal company and the delivery charge for the returned items is more or less than the charges listed below, contact ArtyNess at 


Europe:              Letter: £1.70   Large Letter: £4.25   Parcel: £7.25

World Zone 1:   Letter: £2.50   Large Letter: £5.60   Parcel: £7.35

World Zone 2:   Letter: £2.55   Large Letter: £6.65   Parcel: £8.75

World Zone 3:   Letter: £2.50   Large Letter: £5.75   Parcel: £9.84