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Introducing Scarlet Red and my thoughts behind her character

As a lot of you have seen that I feature Scarlet Red in a lot of my current work. Scarlet’s character is based on the inner child within us all, often neglected and often the indicator for all the inner battles we face that can be so easily ignored. Inspired by very personal stories and most written for the people who have massively impacted my life, Scarlet aims to provide a safe environment for overlooked themes to be explored for all ages and people to relate to. Being interested in portraying difficult themes for the young audience, particularly in times of change and pressure in many ways Scarlet is a way for me to outlet my struggles and feelings about the world. A lot of experiences and advice I have had throughout my life reflects in these short stories that I would love to inform and create awareness for. I will be writing more about Scarlet and her endeavors in future posts!

Hope you are all safe and well

Ness x

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