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Must tears be seen?

This post is about how people perceive other people's worries, hurts and pains. Crying of course is the best emotional release, what comes naturally and a realisation to how much you are feeling. But does it take crying for people around you to realise you aren't in the best place mentally. We are often mislead through social media and conversations with people who appear to be physically fine and seeming themselves when actually they are fighting internal battles very strongly. Depression and anxiety and other areas of mental health that all affects each individual differently. We all have different coping mechanisms and all have different ways of expressing our thoughts and feelings. So why does it seem that people only recognise other people's problems when they cry? I have known to see this in many other people's situations as well as my own. People have to see the hurt to know how deeply it is affecting you. So in the last post I mentioned switching off reality. I feel this links quite strongly to this post too. There are people that when in social situations detach themselves from their own struggles and are able to speak about anything even including their struggles from a non-emotional state. Just because no tears are involved that doesn't mean it should be assumed that someone is feeling completely fine. We have also heard the saying 'Crocodile tears' which complicate things further, if someone is guilty of forcing tears it makes it hard to establish when that particular person is actually feeling truly and know the scale of how hard things are for them if they do genuinely feel upset. But once again, not to discount this thought, are crocodile tears even still valid? Are they crying for a different form of help coming from a different place inside them. There are reasons for all people crying but also reasons for people not to too. Social media can be misleading, anyone can upload a beautiful image of a good time or themselves that was taken months ago despite them struggling. This leads onto the point of frequency, that can be an indicator too, if people post frequently it doesn't mean they aren't having a hard time could be the same if they disappear. We deal with things as different genders altogether as well. It is important to not view someone the same as when you last met up with them when a lot of their time is invisible. All in all, we all should have the right to cry whether that be laughter or sadness but the cry for help may be well before the waterfall in some cases. So observe, ask and notice that people can be crying for help even without tears.

Stay mindful,

Ness x

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