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Once I had a Flower

Hi all, as many of you are aware, my beloved Dad passed away this time last week </3 I had been working on this book for over a year in the know that Dad was unwell.

I managed to show him this book for the first time only last week; a few days before he passed away in the know that I had dedicated it to him. I could see how moved he was. Wherever he is now, I would like to make him so so proud This book is for him and I would also like it to reach and comfort anyone who is similarly struggling with grief, heartbreak or anxiety in these traumatic times. It would really mean the world to me if you could spread the word, buy a copy or just share this post wherever possible Only just about managing to type this post but felt it was important to release it this week. Sending you all love whatever struggles you may be enduring

Link here:

Lots of love

Ness x (and Scarlet!)

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