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How loud is your noise?

Is the noise too loud? Sometimes I describe my anxiety as noise, overwhelming but also able to escape it if the right things are done and not left to worsen over time. Noise can only be temporary. This can be in our minds that makes things foggy, noise in the world and it's problems and even noise socially. This noise can be small and ignorable but present or loud and disruptive and hard to ignore. Coming in crescendos or gradually quietening down we will all experience noise with situations however big or small.

Be sure to keep track of the noise in your life before it gets too loud, many a time I have not noticed the noise until I can hear it loud and clear. With all that is currently happening in the world it is hard to find any peace and quiet, take some time each day to reflect whether that be writing, meditation or even a nice stare at the ceiling in your favourite room. It is no surprise that people are feeling the way they feel in these circumstances, the world is a very noisy place indeed at the moment and we are all fighting our own battles. We have all the right to feel what we are feeling and although it is hard not to be selfish with all our own situations, ultimately we are all in everything together. So question yourself today, how is the noise in your life? What is that noise? and what can you do to quieten that noise down even if it is gradual?

I hope you are all safe, remember to be mindful

Ness x

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