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The Invisibility of being and Artist

Artist's are invisible let's understand that. The thoughts and ideas are invisible until artwork is made, the time and hours making are invisible to anyone but the maker and the process before the final outcome is often or never displayed. For such a visual subject often the time and work behind it is invisible to those who choose to view art or not. People will always assume and judge an artistic subject with no doubt, not to say that other professions aren't or should be. But more often than most, people are more assuming of an artist's work hours. This may be because we are privileged to work in the space of our own home or almost anywhere, or due to the fact it is down to the individual artist to complete the task or not, but this should not be generalised. Like many jobs there are people that will work hard and those that won't quite simply. Purely trying to state that the arts do have a place in this world and shouldn't be undermined as like any other job. We all have an equal role in this world, so we should be able to go for what we are passionate about. I would like to encourage people to think more open-mindedly about judging career paths and lifestyles, we all have our own journey's. I would also like people to broaden their understanding for the arts, if you look closely you will notice that everything around you from technology, to advertisements, games, music, films and editorial magazines, interior design, furniture and books, they are all designed by someone who has spent a lot of hours and processes in making them. So next time we look at something in this world observe, appreciate and be curious. It's time to seek awareness and understand that artist's are here to inspire, inform and decorate things that are often either overlooked or described with words which offers a different kind of message. Images provoke emotion and images should be traced.

Ness x

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