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When it's time to switch off...

Time and pressure is on the increase and it is becoming increasingly harder to find time to relax and take time out when there are so many tasks, life events, social situations and increasing pressure on society. So when is the right time to switch off reality? Maybe before bed? Maybe when you first wake up? Or maybe in some cases to switch off for a whole day

at a time. Maybe reality is like a switch and we can manage to just turn it on and off when we would like to at our own ease. This post is meant to provoke thought and make us individually question what reality is to us and what our ways of escaping reality may be. When in deep thought it can sometimes be either too easy to notice the difference between dream-state and reality and at other times not so easy to realise. So what are your escapisms even when life is really challenging? I can think of about 3.

There is also the question of whether switching off reality can be an addiction or form an addiction to the things that get us out of a bad place mentally. Maybe others however can help us to turn the reality switch off or by letting others know we are able to turn it off ourselves. It's important when making this switch when significant others are involved to let them know you need that time, so that others aren't worried about any potential ghosting that is if switching for long amounts of time. So question yourself... what are your escapes? When do you notice yourself escaping without realising and what is reality to you and what makes it like that? Is there a good and bad to escapism or reality? and do others affect that for you?

A lot of these current posts are just thoughts that have come and gone in my mind but have been willing to explore and question. I would love to know your thoughts on this and also any of your experiences.

Ness x

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