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Scarlet Red

Scarlet is a character seen frequently in my personal projects. She is based on the inner child within us all, playful, misunderstood and often unrecognised as the vulnerable or sensitive side to us all. Many of the books that I have been writing and illustrating face challenging themes and personal experiences. My aim with Scarlet as a character is to reflect and share these themes in a sensitive way and also to aid those who are afraid to voice their vulnerability.




This image was created for the Wunderkammer brief. This was a catalogue project for Falmouth University that involved creating an image under the theme 'Time Capsule'. I wanted to depict an emotive narrative styled image that involved my character Scarlet Red.

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Calendar 2022

Every year I release a calendar involving 'Scarlet Red and Friends'.

I try to pick a new theme for each year. this year I decided to base the calendar around the lunar calendar. The calendar displays all the names of the moons for each month based upon the old South American Farmer's Almanac. This calendar was inspired by a family friends child who was obsessed with the moon.


Once I had a flower

2020 -2022

This book narrates the personal experience that I have had with Grief. Please read more here about 'Once I had a flower'.

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Informative Projects

I have carried out various research projects as well as collaborations with people, to raise awareness and help people understand some overlooked themes. This image on the left is an example of a project piece that I did in conversation with the day to day life of an NHS nurse. 

If you would like to see more about these informative posts please click here


Welcome to my World!

I am in the progress of creating a world of characters for the Scarlet Red series. I have really enjoyed the idea that she is a small character the size of other bugs. Two significant other characters in the series being a ladybird and a bumble bee, both of which I have made gender neutral characters.

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