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Logo Designs


Untitled_Artwork (4)_edited.png

Here is a logo that I created for a local band I have been part of called Burlington Underground. This is one of the largest bunkers in the UK which happens to be situated in my hometown. The bunker was said to have been built in any threat of a nuclear war, hence the reference to a nuclear alert.


Here is another logo design for the Brighton-based function band 'Legend has it'. The band were seeking a logo that could encompass the name into a neon sign aesthetic. You are able to see some of the progress for this design in the slideshow image. Please click the logo for a link to the band.

Untitled_Artwork (88).jpg

The logo above was another local commission from my old Primary School, Box Church of England Primary School. The school required a logo image that they could use to place on various letterheads and media to represent the schools values and intentions. This logo was also inspired by some of the drawings that the children had made themselves.

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